Q - How do i use it?

A - Simply lay down. Allow the weight of your head to apply pressure to the correct locations.

Q - How does it Work?

A - Releasing the tension in the muscles allows blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow again. and also release encasement around trapped nerves.

Q - Will it help my Migraines?  

A - It may give some benefit and relief, but its not recommended that you'll have any results from migraine symptoms. As Migraines are a result of many contributions not just built up tension.

Q - Will it help my headaches?

A - Yes the product gives great results to headaches and especially if they are just standard tension headaches cause from the daily grind

Q - Will it release stress and help me relax?

A - Yes, applying pressure to these areas recommended for a couple of minutes does create a state of relaxation. Also with longer use times and breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Q - Will it help sore, stiff and tight neck and head pressure?

A - The product is great for just breaking down the muscles in this region, with its high set massage fingers it gets deep into the hard to reach places 

Q - How Long should i use it for?

A - You'll get results in only a minute or two. You can use the product for as long as you like. Being care full as more sensitive bodies and muscles can result in bruising.

Q - What if it doesn't work for me?

A - Just send us an email within 30 days and return the product and we'll refund your money into your account.

Q - Who can benefit most from it?

A - sports people, Athletes, Office Workers, Tradies, parents. headache sufferers. People with stiff necks, soreness, tension, sinus issues, Anxiety, nervousness, irritability, eye strain.

Q - Is it medically proven to work?

A - Acupressure has been around way before many modern medicines and has kept many ancient cultures alive and healthy to today. Just google the benefits of acupressure on GB20 and B10.

Q - What if it cause pain?

A - If it causes pain this usually goes away after using a couple of times as the tension goes. You can also try using a towel over the tips to soften the acuteness.

Q - How many times a day should i use it?

A - recommend 2-3 times. If there is a direct need to and its not causes irritation use as much as feels best to you to relieve symptoms.

Q - Can i become a seller/retailer of the MyChi?

A - Yes, Please contact the manufacture for more details. accounts@mychi.com.au

Q - How long does delivery take?

A - Generally 3-5 within Australia and 5-10 overseas